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Congratulations  to the New 2020-2021 MOSCDC Board

MOSCDC Corps Connection

New to the area? The June-July 2020 Newsletter is available to read! Did yo know as a non-MOSCDC member you can Preview the Newsletter each month from now until September 30th? That's right, each month until the end of September the Corps Connection will be right here to access. Find out the exciting things MOSCDC has coming up for the next  year and the benefits to becoming a member. After September 30th the free preview will close, but you can still have access to the Newsletter once you become a qualified member. Never miss an edition of the Corps Connection again, become a MOSCDC member today!  

If you're not yet a member and would like to be join today!


MOSCDC is a diverse group of Military Officers' Spouses, which includes spouses of active duty and retirees who live across the capital region and beyond.

Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 Membership Year

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did you know

Did you know you that MOSCDC welcomes other services to join? You don't have to only be a Marine Officer's Spouse to join MOSCDC!

That's right, we are a joint services club which means you can be an Officer's spouse of another U.S. Military branch of service and still join! Read more


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Why join? The MOSCDC is a group you can really become connected to, and feel like you belong. We're primarily a social group of Marine Corps Officers' spouses; however, spouses of other U.S. Military officers can also join. Most of our events are focused on socializing with other military spouses and touring local D.C. area attractions, and getting to know our way around the National Capital Region. 

Are there perks? As a member, you'll have unique volunteer opportunities and numerous occasions for networking, along with fun within our group. You’ll experience entrance into locations that are normally blocked to non-members, and also receive both our monthly newsletter and a copy of the year’s MOSCDC directory electronically and in print should you choose one.

I’m ready. How do I join? You can visit our Membership page to join, and start your adventure as a member of the MOSCDC.  

What if I have more questions? If you have more questions our Membership chair would love to respond. 

2013 was MOSCDC's Jubillee Year, 60 years of fun, friendship and camaraderie. Look back and learn about MOSCDC's rich history, see how many current members were past board members, Presidents, and some who have held multiple roles on the board over the years. It's amazing the contributions these spouses have made to the success of this organization. It's because of these spouses that MOSCDC is still a functioning club today. Please take a minute watch the video, when you're at the Welcome Aboard this Fall look around, if you spot a long time contributing member take the time to introduce yourself.  For the 2013-2014 Membership year our President was Samantha Mulvaney.  
Several members shown in the video are still active members as well as some who are still volunteering to serving on the Board. If you're interested in serving on the Board of an organization with 67 yrs of history contact us.   

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Continuing with the 'Welcome to Neighborhood theme' we are doing things a bit different in terms of how pictures are being taken for the year. If you're at an event or a ZCC coffee and you snap some great pictures please be sure to send them to our Historian. We will be gathering and featuring them at the end of the year at our Hail and Farewell Luncheon. How fun it's going to be to see all our members featured at the event... pictures taken by our members for our members!! I can't wait to see how this turns out!

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